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Market Depth

  • Identify tick trends easily
  • A blue row means the price has increased
  • A red row means the price has decreased
  • Customizable colors and font sizes
  • Display your desired amount of rows
  • The indicator is non-repainting


  • Rows: amount of rows with data to display in the chart
  • Font size: font size of the tick data displayed in the chart
  • Font bold: made the font bold or regular
  • Row height ratio: height of the rows displayed in the chart
  • Bullish color: color of upticks
  • Bearish color: color of downticks
  • Border color: color of rows borders
  • Neutral color: color for a row that has the same tick as last quote
  • Transparency: From 0 to 255, makes rows transparent
$ 100.00