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Clear Products, Services With Price

Terms and Definitions

  • In order to provide clear products/services, the following terms/definitions shall have the meanings specified below: means the PF Dev Group LLC which is the owner and the copyright owner of the website

MQLSOL Services and Products (“Service” and/or “Product”): mean services and products, including:

  • Solutions for individual clients (software development):

Pluging for MT4; trading robots; indicators; trading signals.

  • Solutions for corporate clients:

Virtual dealers; data feeds; back office soft; CRM; social trading plugin; personal cabinet; web platform; affiliate system; charts.

  • Custom development for mt4:

External trading platform integration; integration with CRM-systems; modification of any of our products; unique systems for trading commissions, bonuses, hedging and risk management; any your idea; specialized reporting and monitoring system.

  • Marketing services:

Setup e-mail campaigns (Increase sales from your e-mails.) Get your leaving customers back with precise email marketing campaigns. Increase the amount of returning customers and recurring sales to your website. Make them buy again with personalized emails sent at the right time.

Content writing (We will fill your website with relevant content):

Content-rich websites enjoy a unique advantage in terms of SEO as they can easily be moved to the top of Google search rankings with the right optimization. Content-rich websites require a unique approach that includes strong attention to onsite SEO, efficient automation and fast indexation by search engines.

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns / PPC (Pay less get more):

Set up an established traffic flow to your website with Pay Per Click advertising in Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Attract highly relevant audience by targeting them by region, age, interests, job title.

  • Search Engine Optimization/ SEO (Want to be First in Google, Yahoo, Yandex and etc.):

Drive more potential customers to your website from Google unpaid search results (organic listing) through a set of onsite SEO optimization practices, content marketing methods and a versatile mix of PR plus link building activities.

  • Social Media Marketing /SMM (Increase your appearance in Social Networks):

Connect with thousands of prospects and create a loyal community around your brand on social. Improve your brand awareness and communication with customers with campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks.

  • Public relation / PR (Will make positive brand reputation):

Connect with thousands of prospects and create a loyal community around your brand on social. Improve your brand awareness and communication with customers with campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks.

  • Marketing consulting and audit:

Find out why your online business doesn't bring you enough profit with a general marketing strategy review, competitor research, PPC campaign analysis, onsite SEO audit, backlink profile check, risk assessment and user experience testing. (E-mail campaigns; Pay Per Click Campaigns; SEO; SMM; PR.)

  • Design:

Web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; search engine optimization.

  • Web programming:

Writing markup and coding; accurate and hand-coded HTML5/CSS markup; content management systems (CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills. Due to our vast experience, we can be of service for most of the open-source content management systems out there, including (but not limited to) Joomla, Drupal and Concrete; CSS3 Media Queries, to provide compatibility with all major mobile devices and make your website ready for what comes next; help with JavaScript and PHP: making fixes / changes on an existing website, incorporating a PHP framework or building a custom solution from the ground up.

User (Client): means You or any person or legal entity who uses website and is one of the Parties to these Terms of Use. The User shall accept and comply with all the conditions of these Terms of Use.

You: means you as a User ('Your' and 'Yours' shall be construed accordingly).

Content: means any and all content, consisting of text, sounds, pictures, photos, video and/or any type of information or communications.

Trademarks: mean trademark and service mark names, logos, domain names and other distinctive features of trademarks of their respective owners (or license holders).

Intellectual Property Rights: mean patents, patent applications, designs, trademarks and trade names (registered and unregistered), copyrights and other similar rights, database rights, technology, know-how and confidential information, all other intellectual property rights and similar or equivalent rights anywhere in the world that exist now or may exist in the future, as well as applications, alterations and amendments to any of the above rights.

MQLSOL Website: means all elements, content and style of the website, including 3rd level domains, with the URL address

MQLSOL Online Materials: mean materials available for downloading from the MQLSOL Website, as well as any changes made by MQLSOL in its sole discretion.

MQLSOL Advertising Materials: mean any and all trademarks, names, brands, signs, logos, banners, and any other materials, in whatever form, owned and/or used by MQLSOL for the promotion of the company (PF Dev Group LLC), its products, services and activities.

MQLSOL Employees: mean officers, directors, employees and representatives of MQLSOL or Affiliated Entities, as well as any other persons employed by MQLSOL or its Affiliated Entities.

Account or MQLSOL ID: means an account of website user with Login and Password created for Your use of

Login: means an identification code which, in combination with the Password, gives You access to Your Account.

Password: means a code You select, which, in combination with the Login, gives You access to Your Account.

  • Product and services controlled by MQLSOL and available on which allow the registered Users to receive additional materials or services on under certain terms of service.

  • Words used in singular form include the plural, and vice versa, as appropriate.
  • Any words following the terms (in any form) "including", "among other things", "in particular" and similar expressions shall be construed as illustrative and not limiting the meaning of the words preceding those terms.


Product/service Prices shall be expressed in US dollars. may display the prices of Products to Users in their native currency, but it shall not be responsible for the accuracy of currency rates or conversion.

Your total Product/service price shall include the price of the Product/Service plus any applicable sales tax; such sales tax shall be based on the bill-to address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time You download the Product. PF Dev Group LLC will charge tax only in jurisdictions where electronic (digital) goods or software licenses are taxable. No customers shall be eligible for tax exemptions.

All sales of Product/service shall be final and non-returnable.

Prices for Products/service offered via Mqlsol may change at any time, and Mqlsol does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering.

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For any details or If you have any questions about pricing/services with price, please contact us. Your request must include your name and other information needed for the identification, as well as for the full and complete processing of your request.