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Welcome to our MQLSOL community!

MQLSOL provides unique services for traders of financial markets: automated trading, full-featured technical market analysis via indicators, a trading platform with the provision of profitable trading signals, various trading applications, a virtual hosting service, and much more.

Our main products, however, are trading robots (Expert Advisors, EAs) and indicators – the very things that will lead a trader into a way of increasing his/her profits. All products presented by our community are created by professional IT specialists using the most current versions of modern programming languages. All our specialists are also successful and experienced traders in the financial markets with many years of experience.


People make mistakes, even the smartest ones. Whatever your knowledge of Forex trading and whatever your trading experience is, you can make a costly mistake. Forex trading robots are simply not capable of this. If you didn’t sleep well yesterday, then you are already prone to mistakes in decision making. If you are worried about any problems in your family or relationship, it can also greatly affect your trading opportunities. To this can be added the psychological pressure of the market itself, which is often very large and strong. As you know, one mistake can lead to the next one, if the first one was not analyzed. Automated trading through the help of MQLSOL community was created specifically to eliminate the possibility of human error.

Virtual hosting

Our virtual hosting services provide round-the-clock and flawless operation of the trading platform. You can rent a virtual server directly from the trading platform and copy trading signals, as well as allow your robots to work 24 hours a day. An excellent advantage of this service is the ability to select the server closest to your broker's server, and thus minimize network latencies during your trading.

MQLSOL Cloud Network

The MQLSOL cloud network provides fast optimization of all trading systems. Calculations, which can take many months, are performed here in a few minutes using the computing power of thousands of computers.

According to statistics, the vast majority of Forex traders leave this financial market during the first year. Factors such as emotional pressure, unsuccessful trading strategy, bad financial management and etc. lead to this. For those people who use MQLSOL services statistics is completely different: 68% trading position of new clients are winning, 70% of successfully completed long trading positions, up to 70% of the total profitable deals. Warren Buffett’s famous phrase that you should never lose money is the main principle of our trading philosophy, which brings profit to traders from around the world. The digital world is constantly evolving and automated trading is the direction in which financial markets are actively developing at the present times.

Risk Warning

MQLSOL services mean advisory services available on the website, which is not a registered investment advisor, broker/dealer, financial analyst, financial institution or securities broker. MQLSOL is a provider of technologies that, among other things, facilitate the exchange of trading information via the Internet.

Service users can use the information on this site to form their own investment decisions. All information on the website is provided for informational purposes only. The information is not financial advice or any other similar advice of a general nature.

Before using information to make an investment decision, you should seek independent advice from a qualified and registered financial advisor. No part of the information provided on our website is intended as investment advice, offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation or sponsorship of any company or foundation.

MQLSOL is not responsible for any investment decisions you make. The user of the site is responsible for his / her own market research and investment decisions.


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